This photo series revolves around dreams.

I have a passion for movies so that’s how I got this idea. That’s why I wanted to deal with topics like dreams, escape, presentation, drama, play, spectacle and surrealism. My photographies should visually translate these ideas. Creating something imaginative while also telling a story. A beautiful melancholy. Escape from reality. Memories of the past. Nostalgia. Wanting something that is unreachable. The protagonist is lost in her memories of a past relationship.

The first picture shows a perfect time in their relationship. A time where there were no worries, no sadness, no hate. The second one flips the whole concept of the first picture. The split up. The protagonist is then falling in despair and sadness. Until she reaches the bottom. But something prevents her from the ground. She starts to float. At the end she still wanders in her past memories. Mixing reality and imagination. This project was created in collaboration with Joshua Kordon and Julia Starek.


Selected Works

JuliaShort Film

Werkschau 2019Typography, Graphic Design



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