In collaboration with Sofia Wittmann, we conceptualized, designed and programmed the redesign of the website Johannes Schmid is an award winning theatre and film director. His numerous works are loud, colorful, full of joy, dramatic, funny, creative and suspenseful. These attributes have to be implemented in his website.
His homepage is big, loud and dynamic. Highlighting the figures from the background substantiates dynamics and drama. The user is being pulled in. We put up the burger menu. When the user clicks on the menu the distance between both lines are getting wider and wider, so that the navigation menu can appear. The idea was to imitate a curtain that is being opened.

The pages Stage and Film were also being designed with pictures and large typography. The mouseover effect causes the same effect as the homepage animation. The picture is getting bigger and bigger to pull in the user.

News, About and Contact are text-heavy pages which we translated into visually appealing typography. Not only pictures can appear loud, dynamic and aesthetic.

This redesign of Johannes Schmid’s website now reflects attributes which fit his style. Finally a website which justifies his art.