Oskar Schlemmer, born September 4th 1888 in Stuttgart, was a german painter, sculptor, set designer and known as a master at the Bauhaus school. His main topic was the position of human figures in a room. His works are dynamic, flexible, movable, even though his figures and composition were very tight, strict and systematic. His works reflect his personality: unique, clear, open, mysterious and playful. His static dynamic works of art are particularly presented in Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet. His ballet figures were built with simple geometric forms and therefore appear seemingly static, but since they are still ballet figures the combination of static and dynamic appearance is being perfectly illustrated. 

That’s why a logo based on his triadic ballet is the perfect choice for Oskar Schlemmer. The logo portrays simplicity, reduction, structural engineering, dynamics and is recognizable. The horizontal lines give the figure movability and stability. The logo’s simplicity shows elegance. The distances between each line gives the dancer free space and therefore movability and freedom. The circle around the figure emphasizes its steadfastness and movability once more.