Bauhaus has always been known for their simple forms and figures. Wether it’s their use of simple geometric forms or their use of just three different colors. That’s what the MD.H is aiming at. The sign system needs to reflect a future-oriented design school, that also respects the importance of the old Bauhaus masters. Simplicity and clarity.

Avenir, a font made by Adrian Frutiger, with the Book font style is the perfect choice for our sign system because of its elegance, clarity and modernity. We only used small letters, no uppercase. Small letters appear more dynamic and lively, which is perfect for the MD.H. We developed signs for each department (MD.H, MD.I, MD.A) and also for each study program like Media Design, Game Design, Film Design, Fashion Design and Fashion Management. Each study program is illustrated in initials. This project was a collaboration with Thomas Fäckl.