Julia is about a seemingly perfect relationship. But when the line between reality and imagination is being distorted the protagonist has to question himself what’s real and what’s not.

That is my first fictional short film. Thanks to Julia Starek, Marina Scalese, Magdalena Stricker and Thomas Fäckl we managed to tell a four minute story which I deeply cared about. Just like the photo series Imagine it revolves around the question what’s real and what’s imagination. Themes like nostalgia, loneliness, melancholy, love and escape are being depicted in this film.

The idea of our project was to portray a failed relationship. However our protagonist still lives in his imaginary world of a perfect relationship. The pills he takes in the morning causes the illusion of a positive life. However, as the effect of the pill fades away, our protagonist gets more and more self aware and eventually gets pulled into reality. That process is being repeated every single day.