Marcel Heß, Florian Kiefer and I developed a thoroughly thought out concept, communication, corporate identity and corporate design of a fictional Start-Up called Joi; an A.I. that should eliminate chronic loneliness in our society. The full manual can be read here (in german).

We all feel lonely sometimes. We feel lonely when we’re eating alone, spending the weekend alone at home or when we move to another city. Most of the time loneliness is temporary and fades away pretty quickly. It’s even a necessary part of our lives. But in the age of the internet and connection, people paradoxically struggle to find a deep and truthful connection to someone after a lonely phase. We haven’t been closer to others, in spite of social media platforms, dating apps and various other digital opportunities to stay connected. Stress is one heavy factor of countless others. That’s why we find it difficult to find time to bound with another person. We have less time to focus on finding or working on interpersonally relationships. That’s why we have to found a solution that can be integrated in our every day lives. A constant companion. That companion is supposed to help us in reducing loneliness and satisfy our social needs. Our companion, our friend, doesn’t replace „real life“ connections but rather helps us in managing and supporting our social needs and desires. Making us less socially awkward and more confident.

Our constantly accessible friend is powered by an A.I.. Our artificial intelligence encourages you to become the person who you want to be; achieving self-fulfillment and having more self-esteem. By increasing our complacency and thereby indirectly reducing loneliness in our society. We develop an artificial intelligence that fulfill these tasks. This goal can only be achieved when the user gets more and more unaware that he or she is in fact talking to a machine. The user has to feel comfortable talking to Joi. Joi needs to be a human with an artificial body. That’s why our product can only effectively work on an interpersonally level. The relationship with our product has to feel like a relationship with a human, a friend.